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  1. Hi, I am looking forward to visiting your new museum, I am curious as to who is going to be in this Museum and am hoping that it is a complete success, I had my biography published a couple of years ago about my years as a drug dealer in NYC and wondered if anyone would take the steps to create such a place as this
    Thank You

    • Hi Gaspar,

      Thank you for saying hi, I am not sure what you are asking sir, if you care to visit the museum we would love to have you come by sometime, we are open Monday to Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. If you are referring to the screening this Wednesday of the Frank Matthews documentary, that is being done by an independent film maker named Ron Chepesiuk. He is independent of the Museum, we are simply having a screening of his documentary here. If you care to come to the screening of the “Frank Matthews Story”, it is this Wednesday at 7:30pm at Theatre 80, which is at 80 Saint Marks Place between first and second Avenues. You can purchase tickets the day of the screening, Wednesday starting at 1pm at our box office. It is first come first serve, and after you can meet Mr. Chepesiuk if you care to and also Ike Atkinson will be there who was an associate I believe of Mr. Matthews. I look forward to hearing from you Gaspar and wish you all the best going forward with your endeavors. Happy Easter to you and your family.


      Museum of the American Gangster

      • Hi, I was there for the opening, I was invited by Ron Chepesiuk and introduced myself to who I believe was the owner and told my book was up stairs, if you were there you will remember I am the guy who answered when Ron asked if there were any questions and when I started to speak was told “No Gaspar we are not talking about that right now” I really felt bad for Ike, but I survived the 70′s and 80′s and had one of the largest distribution networks in Harlem, was a good friend of Frank Matthews and gave Ron a lot of the material he used to put the documentry of Frank together, I am the only white man that ever survived running an operation in Harlem with a complete black crew, my book which is completely true and verifiable is a part of history, I did what Dutch Schultz tried to do in the 1930′s , I came there with my biographer, his cameraman and my driver, I was invited by Ron and felt completely underminded, Ron, Mark Jacobson are trying to make money, so now they have poor Ike to use to make a movie about. Ron debunked Frank Lucas but can not debunk me. From 1973 to my arrest by the Organized Crime Task Force on June 28, 1984 there was me and my organization, we defied the Italian mob and everyone else the only way they could get rid of me was by getting me sent to prison, I still carry 3 bullets in my body as we speak. I am a 65 year old man now and married for 20 years, I live a quiet life and pay taxes but a Museum about American Gangsters simply can not be a truthful place without containing nothing else but a copy of my book upstairs, unlike Lucas and Barnes I did my time alone and made no stupid excuses about why I put everyone around me in prison like Lucas or Barnes, I respectfully submit to you the truth, there are men that lived a life of crime and when the stuff hit the fan became informants and then there are men such as I, gangsters that lived the same life of crime and paid the price the law demanded sucked it up and did the time. I would be more then happy to receive an email from you, the name of my second book which I am still working on will be titled “The Price We Pay”. E-mail me at the above address and I will reply with my private phone number. Maybe you would like a story that is true to go into your Museum.
        Gaspar Vetrano

        • Wow! Mr.V, would make an excellent speaker, or to have coffee with, and where do you start, asking about living history, right here in NY? This is great. I added this webpage to my Favorites, bar. I could listen to Mr.V, for hours. It’s not just yellowed newsclipping and retelling of accounts, it’s hearing it from those that “Walked the Walk”, and paid the price, like a Man.

  2. Hello, I haven’t been back to the museum since April 11,2012 although I did send Asher my Mugshots from Boston, and the date of my last arrest was 6/28/84 and was in all the NYC papers, there is a copy of my book, I make no apology upstairs, Asher said he was going to get the mugshots from New York, did he before he left. you can call me on my private cell 857-266-8964.
    Thank You
    Gaspar Vetrano

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